This is our Toolbag that attaches across the front handlebars. Our craftsmen only use the thickest leather skins to make the bags, since the thin, flappy leather used by most other competitors and imitators may look nice, but it is NOT suitable for longterm use as toolbag material. We make our bag sets out of leather that can take a pounding from gravel and errant rocks or other road debris without tearing open. Rocks bounce right off the leather we use, instead of leaving a gash. Are toolbags are handsewn one at a time by craftsmen who know better than to cut corners with cheap threads or other cost-saving gimmicks, that affect how long a toolbag set will last. Since they are handsewn, they have a rougher look than some of the cookie-cutter toolbags made of thinner leather, and they have immaterial imperfections that make hand-sewn bags unique. In other words, they don't look like a 'factory' toolbag you might find at a Gucci store, or Wallmart. There's some 'pretty' tool-bags out there that will never last nearly as long as ours because they're made out thin leather that should only be use as jacket material. The toolbag will hold all the standard wrenches you need for a minor breakdown.

Price: $29.99

Shipping and Packaging Charge: $10.00 for delivery to any US Location or Puerto Rico

Canada: $12.00 dollars for usps air mail

All Other Countries: We can ship this toolbag set anywhere, but call us for a quote, so we can determine the proper charge for your country

Address for Money Orders/Checks
PO Box 83152
San Diego Ca. 92138-3152

Warranty and Returns: We guarantee our hand-sewn toolbags to be free of immaterial imperfections and to be made of quality materials. If a bag breaks for any reason within one year of the bags purchase, it may be returned to SanDiegoStuff for a replacement. Since we make our bags of thick leather sewn with the best threads, we don't anticipate our customers will have any difficulties with our bags at all; nonetheless, our guarantee exists to protect the customer in the event any unusual problem with a bag set develops. We are located near San Diego, so in the unlikely event that a return is required, we are easy to ship to, and it's less expensive to return an item to San diego that a location overseas, where delivery problems can arise, or customs charges might apply.

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1-877-563-1116, or e-mail the proprietor at