These thin belts are made of super soft lambskin leather, so they are comfortable and attractive too. You can wear this belt under your t-shirt, jacket, or sweater and go about your business with your documents safely attached to your body and out of site. The straps are adjustable so the belt will fit anyone with a 26 to 40 inch waist size. This will pay for itself many times; as it will likely help you avert a vacation/travel disaster at some point.

*** FREE Shipping with purchase of any other item. We will rebate the shipping amount if ANY other item is purchased in combination with this belt, and the items are being shipped to the same location.


Price: $18.99

Shipping and Packaging Charge: $6.00 for delivery to any US Location in main 48 states.

Canada: $10.00

All Other Countries: Please call for a delivery quote to any country outside of North America.

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